Peter Oppermann

Future Self Method and Coaching Program

Peter has a singular mission: to give individuals a vision of their Future Self and to close the gap between their current reality and who they really want to be.

A German engineer turned renowned meditation teacher, at 16 Peter discovered ‘Autogenic Relaxation, a self-relaxation technique to overcome stuttering that came on after his parent’s divorce. Realizing that every outer problem has an inner solution, he left a promising engineering career in Germany to follow his spiritual path. In 1996 Peter started a business based on the concept of mindfulness meditation at the work place. He ventured to New York City studying and developing Meditation techniques that help people reach a profound sense of peace and clarity. While in NYC, Peter founded the social enterprise ‘Karmabuilders’ teaching mindfulness and job skills to ex-prisoners.

With over 20 years practicing meditation, Peter has studied with some of the most renowned meditation teachers in the US and Asia, including: Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Lama Surya Das and Geshe Michael Roach. Peter was trained how to guide people to meet their Future Self by Arjuna Ardagh, best-selling author and founder of Awakening Coaching Training.


Based in Los Angeles, fluent in German and English, Peter teaches workshops, classes and coaches personal clients internationally.

Degrees and Qualifications

Mechanical Engineering, Quality Management

(Technical University Berlin)

Certified Awakening Coach

(Arjuna Ardagh)

Certified Empowerment Life Coach

(Gail Straub and David Gershon)

Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner

(Stan Grof)

Certified Yoga teacher

(Kundalini and Kripalu Yoga)

Licensed Health Practitioner

(Berlin, Germany)

A Personal Note from Peter

“The focus of my work is to help people get in touch with their creative spirit, or true nature, which exists through all time and space. This allows anyone who is genuinely interested to connect with their Future Self and receive authentic answers how to create amazing results in their life or business. We become empowered to move forward on an optimal path by making choices and taking actions informed by our Future Self instead of the limiting beliefs we adopted in the past. We literally become masters of our destiny.” – Peter Oppermann

What Clients Say

Peter expertly guided me into alignment with the highest vision I have for myself, helping me shift into a gentle state of allowance and receptivity…This 'virtual embodiment' enabled me to feel the feelings of already being the person who could accomplish this vision…

Tristan S. MontoyaLife Empowerment Coach, EFT Practitioner

Meeting my Future Self was simply amazing. She was powerful, peaceful and content in her being 100%. I can feel her already manifesting in me and I am excited to live into her, powerfully, with unconditional love.

Maya Nandy McClean

Peter’s Future Self Meditation takes you on a wonderful journey into the depths of your inner self. By taking the time to create space within about my Future Self, I was able to find the answers that I needed. I left the meditation excited and driven to step into my Future Self.

Jose RamirezBrand Strategist, Creative Director

Once you know your future, you can let go of the past and are free to live the creative life you truly desire.