The Future Self Meditation & Coaching Program with Peter Oppermann

When you meet your Future Self…
you can let go of the past and move forward. The Future Self Meditation & Coaching Program allows you to actually see, feel and know who you have become.

We all have desires. Finding our soulmate. Our dream job. Vacation. New home. Better health.

We all have a non-linear Higher True Nature that is connected through all time and space. It’s an essential part of our self that never dies. We can connect to our True Nature to go anywhere in time and get the answers to create amazing results in the present.  This is how successful people create. It’s a powerful shortcut that helps you live the life now that you always dreamed of.

Get answers from your authentic Future Self
rather than trying to fix the past.

The Future Self Method

The Future Self Method is a proven and innovative process tested by thousands of people around the world designed to create successful solutions for individuals to be inspired by their future potential.

The Future Self Method (“FSM”)  is based on the premise that we have a higher or true nature which exists through time and space. We can access the information and guidance from our true nature via the vehicle of our Future Self, which appears as a vivid 3D image of ourselves in a place in the future where we already have achieved what we aspire to. The information we receive from our Future Self is coming from a deep, trusted source within instead of the fearful voice of the ego/thinking mind, which is often influenced by outside voices and limiting beliefs.

In addition the FSM is carefully designed to support individuals in taking appropriate steps required to turn their insights into tangible outcomes by using an approach called ‘Rapid Prototyping’, a model successfully used in product development to test a new concept by quickly implementing core ideas, gathering feedback and making corrections.

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Why it Works

Your answers come from a deep inner place of knowing versus the conditioned thinking mind, which is often influenced or manipulated by outside voices. You’ll receive a clear tangible and emotional experience – seeing what your Future Self sees, having what it has, doing what it does. This accelerates your now reality to help you move closer to embodying your true Future Self.

What to Expect

The answers from your Future Self come from an elevated state of being. So you can make the best decisions on your life journey in a real and gentle way.

In gentle guided meditations, you will leave linear time and engage in an inner dialogue with your Future Self. You then dialogue with and ask your Future Self any question you desire, to gain insight on what action steps to take.

During Future Self Meditations you will

  • Connect with yourself on a soul level
  • Listen deeply and trust to your inner knowing
  • Have a clear vision of our greatest potential.
  • Understand exactly how to get there and overcome any obstacles in your way.

The Future Self Coaching Program

Bridge the gap between your current self and who you want to be.

The Future Self Coaching Program gives you a proven method to bridge the gap between who you dream of becoming and where you are in life right now.

Clarifying Outcomes

At the beginning of the coaching process we set measureable outcomes based on the goals you want to accomplish. You want more fulfillment in your career or love relationships, start or grow a business, launch a creative project, adopt more healthy lifestyle choices …? Whatever it is you want to create, we take a thorough inventory of your status quo, your goals and dreams, your resources as well as what is holding you back. This creates a solid road map with a well-defined starting point and finish line providing clear directions and outcomes to measure the success of our work together.

Meeting the Future Self

The Future Self Method is a unique approach to reach your goals by providing you with guidance and information from your Future Self – a place of authentic intuitive knowing you can trust. You will be personally guided to meet your Future Self in gentle guided meditations. The results of this internal dialogue and relationship with your Future Self establishes a powerful anchor pulling you forward towards your goals.

Understanding the Current Self

After we clarified your outcomes we take a deeper look at the underlying belief systems which represent the blue-print of your current life situation. Most of these beliefs were formed and useful in early stages in your life, but are now creating unwanted results or are keeping you stuck, eg “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not loveable”, “I can’t trust myself” etc. Most coaching or self-help methods will try to fix or resolve these dysfunctional beliefs by using positive affirmations or other modalities. However by investing more energy and focus attempting to resolve these belief structures, we actually feed them with power and more of the same outcomes are likely to occur.

In our work together we simply bring awareness to your unique set of unconscious beliefs and establish a deep and compassionate understanding of your Current Self. Working with a coach in this phase is essential, because you can’t see yourself as someone else can see you.

Establishing Creative Structures

The discrepancy between your Current Self and your Future Self sets up a creative tension that, when maintained, will resolve in favor of your Future Self and your outcomes. It’s like pulling a rubber band between two fingers. Everything in life gets created out of tension resolution, eg the big bang, conception etc. The stronger the tension is, the more powerful the outcome will be. However most people try to avoid the discomfort that comes with tension. In our work together we consciously establish creative tension structures, that self-evidently flow towards your Future Self and your desired outcomes. When your Current Self and your Future Self match, your vision is fully established.

Choice and Action

The choices we make define the results in our life. However many people unconsciously base their choices and actions on the limiting beliefs of their Current Self and wonder why they keep creating the same outcomes. True choice however comes in when you choose to act from your Future Self – your highest potential – and to go for what you are truly passionate about. In our work together you are encouraged to use the power of choice consciously and consistently, to take new and bold actions and to adopt new behaviors in favor of your Future Self. The goal is to act quickly and to generate instant feedback loops forging new neural pathways. Daily practices, individually assigned to you by your coach, help you to stay engaged.

Working with Resistance

Resistance naturally arises when we move from Current Self to Future Self. As a matter of fact, the closer we get, the more resistance is to be expected. So don’t take it personal when the urge to procrastinate or to distract yourself shows up exponentially stronger. The poet Rainer Maria Rilke once said: “Our greatest treasures are guarded by our greatest demons”.

At this stage having a coach is crucial. A coach is skilled in supporting you in working through various forms of resistance and breaking through old patterns. Your coach is also your greatest supporter in keeping you accountable to your commitments and to follow through with daily practices and actions in the pursuit of your outcomes. 

Being of Service

Everybody wants to do something beyond themselves, to be of service to a greater cause, contribute to the well being of others. This is part of our human nature. We can powerfully integrate this beautiful, selfless human desire with the pursuit of our own goals. The ancient laws of karma and other wisdom traditions (‘we reap as we sow”) teach us, that we create the causes of our own success by helping someone else to be successful.

In our work together we follow a time-tested and little known effective method to plant powerful seeds by helping someone else and by rejoicing in our actions.

Rejoice and Recalibrate!

Once your Current Self has become your Future Self, your outcomes are achieved and our work is complete. It’s time to celebrate and rejoice in your success – job well done! You will probably have become a little different and happier person in the process of doing our work together.

In an ongoing upward spiral, you may want to recalibrate your goals, set new outcomes and enter a new cycle of following the guidance of your Future Self, setting up a new creative tension structure between your Current Self and your Future Self – in the pursuit of creating the most exciting and inspiring life imaginable. The sky is the limit, it’s up to you!

What Clients Say

Peter expertly guided me into alignment with the highest vision I have for myself, helping me shift into a gentle state of allowance and receptivity…This 'virtual embodiment' enabled me to feel the feelings of already being the person who could accomplish this vision…

Tristan S. MontoyaLife Empowerment Coach, EFT Practitioner

Meeting my Future Self was simply amazing. She was powerful, peaceful and content in her being 100%. I can feel her already manifesting in me and I am excited to live into her, powerfully, with unconditional love.

Maya Nandy McClean

Peter’s Future Self Meditation takes you on a wonderful journey into the depths of your inner self. By taking the time to create space within about my Future Self, I was able to find the answers that I needed. I left the meditation excited and driven to step into my Future Self.

Jose RamirezBrand Strategist, Creative Director

Salient is by far the most astonishing WP theme out there! I literally could not be happier that I chose to buy your theme! Your regular updates and superb attention to detail blows me away every time I visit my new site!

Zak ReidInstructor, Skate Nao

Once you know your future, you can let go of the past and are free to live the creative life you truly desire.