Close the gap between your current self and who you really want to be.

When life presents us questions… Our Future Self has the authentic answers we need, to know what steps to take next.

We all feel fear, stress, anxiety, blocked, afraid, stuck, confusion … That’s life. We all have questions about Career, Life partners, Creative Projects, Health, Relationships, Family and Income.

After connecting with our Future Self, we can move forward, make plans, understand the right next step, experience a higher purpose and a deeper sense of knowing.

The Future Self Method Gives You
A clear picture of your highest potential
A greater
connection to yourself
A deeper
sense of purpose
A roadmap and actionable steps to get there

The Future Self Method and Coaching Program is a gentle way to give you clarity, confidence and a clear vision of your highest potential that you can trust.

Rather than simply reacting from past experiences, that keep you stuck in the past – the Future Self Method frees you from the past limiting beliefs and opens us up to an entirely new vision of true possibility.

When you tap into your highest potential using the Future Self  Method your answers come from your highest self who is already the person you want to become. Not the limited world of conditions.

Most people are not living powerfully and stay stuck repeating the past by asking the wrong question: “How can I fix the past to get to my future?” This attracts limiting beliefs from the past and keeps you there.

Instead the Future Self Method powerfully focuses on your desired end result and gives you a visceral 3-D experience of the true possibilities of your future.

Once you know your future, you can let go of the past and are free to live the creative life you truly desire.

Tap into your highest potential using the Future Self Method and Coaching Program.

Current Self

Future Self

What People are Saying

Peter expertly guided me into alignment with the highest vision I have for myself, helping me shift into a gentle state of allowance and receptivity…This 'virtual embodiment' enabled me to feel the feelings of already being the person who could accomplish this vision…

Tristan S. MontoyaLife Empowerment Coach, EFT Practitioner

Meeting my Future Self was simply amazing. She was powerful, peaceful and content in her being 100%. I can feel her already manifesting in me and I am excited to live into her, powerfully, with unconditional love.

Maya Nandy McClean

Peter’s Future Self Meditation takes you on a wonderful journey into the depths of your inner self. By taking the time to create space within about my Future Self, I was able to find the answers that I needed. I left the meditation excited and driven to step into my Future Self.

Jose RamirezBrand Strategist, Creative Director

Once you know your future, you can let go of the past and are free to live the creative life you truly desire.